The James E. Churchman, Jr. Funeral Home is located at 345-13th Avenue in Newark, NJ. We have been a family-owned and operated business since 1899.

For the past 100 years, there has been a member of the Churchman family actively involved in the funeral service profession in the greater Essex county area of New Jersey. The story of the Churchman family is both complex and simple. It is a story of determination, vision and a desire for betterment.

We continue to uphold the rich legacy of Rev. James E. Churchman. We are firm not only in our desire to aid families in their time of need, but also by our quest to stay abreast of the latest in technology and regulation of the profession, membership in civic, fraternal and funeral service organizations and the sure and certain knowledge that this outstanding story of America’s history has many chapters yet to be written.

Our membership in these organizations means that we are able to provide the consumer with the latest information on regulatory issues that surround funeral service. We maintain memberships in many local and national funeral service organizations including:

  • National Funeral Directors and Morticians Association
  • National Funeral Directors Association
  • Garden State Funeral Directors Association
  • New Jersey State Funeral Directors Association
  • Funeral Ethics Association
  • Academy of Professional Funeral Service Practice

We know our membership in these organizations allows us access to important information on funeral service. Our membership in these organizations means that we are able to provide the consumer with the latest information on regulatory issues that surround funeral service. Additionally, we are able to be knowledgeable about trends in the funeral service profession.

The National Funeral Directors Association has named the James E. Churchman Jr. Funeral Home a 1999-2000 Pursuit of Excellence Eagle Award winning Funeral Home. This prestigious award was given to only 34 funeral homes in the country. Our recognition by the National Funeral Directors Association means that our establishment recognizes the importance of community outreach, funeral home staff training and community service.

Another annual event is our service of remembrance “In Memory of the Times We’ve Shared.” Families who we have served in the past are invited to come to the funeral home and place an ornament on our community Christmas Tree in memory of their loved one. We also have a service of remembrance featuring a local clergy person. The service of remembrance in held the first Saturday of December.

Our Scholarship Fund was established in 1999 to commemorate the Churchman family’s 100th anniversary in funeral service. Since 2000 we have given book scholarships to students in the greater Essex County area who are sophomore level and higher in college. Awards have been made to male and female students who are completing their bachelors and masters degree programs. To date, more than a dozen students have received book scholarships with an aggregate amount of over $10,000.00

One of our recipients recently graduated from Rutgers Newark with a degree in nursing. Another recipient, who attends NJ Institute of Technology, recently approached us in order to receive an emergency grant to attend the annual convention of the National Association of Black Engineers for networking opportunities. She is the only black female in her course of studies.

We believe the success of our recipients represents the success of us all!